Many jobs require employees to constantly lift heavy objects or stand for long periods of time. These can potentially result in serious foot and ankle injuries. Work-related injuries can cause enormous backlash for both the employee and employer. For employees, a work-related injury can result in permanent or long-term foot damage and hinder their ability to work. While employers can be left paying immense workers’ compensation expenses.

Causes of Workplace Foot & Ankle Injuries

There are three major categories of work-related foot injuries that can result in substantial workers’ compensation costs for employers. The first includes foot injuries from punctures, crushing, sprains, and lacerations. The second is foot and ankle injury due to long periods of time being on your feet, either standing or walking. This can affect ligaments and tendons, or even cause stress fractures among other issues. The third involves injuries resulting from slips, trips, and falls. Tripping over anti-fatigue mats is a very common cause of worker’s comp claims.

Typical Costs of Workplace Foot Injuries

A study of workers’ comp cases found that broken feet, stress fractures, broken toes, and severe heel injuries are among the more common work-related foot injuries. The average foot injury was shown to be worth nearly $11,000 in workers’ compensation costs. And the average permanent partial disability award was just over $8,500. However, actual workers’ compensation costs can vary widely case-by-case.

Are You Suffering from a Work-Related Foot Injury?

Foot and ankle work-related injuries can be chronic problems that develop slowly over time. Or they can be acute and occur quickly at work, such as a broken bone. If you think you are suffering from a work-related foot injury, don’t wait to seek a diagnosis. You should not have to endure persistent foot or ankle pain.

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